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Abstract Lines

We All Ask the Question, WHY. 
As humans we have an insatiable need to know, nay, demand to know why things happen the way they happen. We aren't satisfied until we are satisfied that we have all the information required to ensure that we are a part of the process. You know, it's that control freak side of us all.

The real question is, WHY do fish take the bait, every time.

Fish never outsmart the fishermen. It may take a long time, over the course of a few days & it may be multiple fishermen who bait those hooks, but one thing is for sure; one day that fish is going to bite.

Fish can't help themselves. Fish are hungry. Fish aren't as smart as they think they are.
We are compared to fish by Jesus Himself. He understood the wisdom that fishing can bring to anyone willing to hear it. The most crucial reason we are like fish is because the nature of fish and the nature of humans is nearly identical. We do what we do because we have this need to do it. When people sin, be it murder or lying, we eventually come to understand that it isn't because they want to; it's because they can't help it.
It's in the nature of a human. It's not that big of a mystery. It's the WHY that is a little too obvious.


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