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Anatomical Model

The Ongoing Story of Humans

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God has clearly given us the blueprints that we need to deal with anything and everything that we are faced with regarding our body. Now is the time to take back that authority in a very educated and confident way than we ever have before. When we dig deeper 

into the scriptures we find a pattern: God helping us

throughout the ages & simplifying this life so we 

can focus on Him & all that He asks of us.

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Earthlings focuses on the human body, how it functions & how we can care for it as found in the original temple that God created & instructed the humans of that time period to do. In that temple we find the ark of the covenant where God Himself would show up in all of His glory, might & splendor. He instructed the tribes of Israel to post themselves in a specific order, gave them specific instructions & documented all of it. From this detailed blueprint we find an uncanny representation of the human body - THE NEW SANCTUARY - where God Himself resides, as a result of the sacrifice of Jesus: THE HUMAN BODY. We are able to gain an understanding of how we are to treat, preserve & utilize our bodies, once and for all eliminating the lies of sickness & disease. 

the new sanctuary
the human body


The Tribe of Gad represents fierce warriors - just as their counterpart the 'Immune System' in our own bodies. In Genesis 49:19 (ICB) Gad is described as "Robbers will attack Gad. But he will defeat them and drive them away." Gad was a child that Jacob had from Leah's maid, Zilpah. In Genesis 30:11 (KJV) "And Leah said, A troop cometh: and she called his name Gad." Elijah was from the tribe of Gad and in 1 Kings 18 we see a parallel of how the Immune System works in the proving ground between Elijah & the 'prophets' of Baal. These false prophets ​represent the false power that a physical attack presents us with in our bodies. Whether it be viral, bacterial, infectious or otherwise; the claims are false, just as the false prophets of Baal were proven to be untrue before many witnesses. 

Elijah who stuck with the TRUTH of the Living God, displayed the power of this TRUTH and ultimately destroyed (murdered) these false prophets because of the severity that their claims presented and the confusion that encompassed them. This is indicative of the way in which our Immune System handles the rising up of false claims that viruses, infections, bacteria etc attempt to convince our bodies & minds of. The Tribe of Gad is not only a large troop that succeeds at battle, they are also smart warriors when they place their reliance upon God at the forefront of any battle. As do all twelve Tribes, they take on the characteristics of each of Jacob's sons. Gad and the Tribe of Gad are no exception, as well as our own representation of this very tribe in the workings of our Immune System.

Summer Fun


June is the start of summertime on one side of the planet. This hot, sunny and lazy season inspires many outdoor activities that normally aren't considered. Have you ever wondered why this season prompts food cravings that nearly everyone shares? Just think of watermelons, berries & salads and try not to imagine yourself on sand surrounded by water or on grass surrounded by picnic tables, you can't! The cravings we get are universal and although we think that it's due to our childhood summer days and the memories we have, there is actually more to the story. Our bodies crave the things that we need every single month, during every single season. Not because of nostalgia, but because of our body needs during weather patterns and temperature changes. 


During the summer and starting with June our bodies start craving foods that are high in water content. In the dry seasons our mostly water bodies require the maintaining of that water content. So all the foods that are water heavy are going to sound AMAZING to us during these months. God not only made sure to create human bodies as self cleaning, self healing and self sufficient well oiled machines - but He also built in a self craving of foods & beverages that will assist our body's in these processes. If we are truly looking to keep that healthy first lifestyle, we would be wise to follow these body cues!   

IMMUNE system

The Immune System is capable of attacking and defending our bodies successfully, regardless of the threat. Just like the Tribe of Gad, the Immune System is only threatened by us. When this system is supplied with all that it requires to maintain a strong readiness for any battle, there simply isn't anything that can overtake it externally. Our Immune System is a remarkable mechanism that not only battles every attack but it also produces that which is needed to defeat the threat, and one step further it keeps a log of every battle of what worked, didn't work & how to best handle the threat if it should return. Amazing. 

Auto - Immune issues are a result of the Immune System attacking itself. This is a result of confusion within the body with other internal issues contributing to the original fight. Things like stress, anxiety, worry and doubt (among many others) can harm this original battle plan put in place by the Immune System; as well as the absence of essential needs that our Immune System relies upon for stamina and strength, in other words, what we are putting into our bodies matters much. This is where foods, nutrients, vitamins etc come into play. We must remember that every single day we are attacked by many, many external things. Although we focus on the big threats that are out there, it is important to understand our need to maintain an optimal functioning Immune System because it is hard at work always. 

Although it is highly recommended and very important to give our bodies all the fighting power it needs; we must acknowledge that divine health has been given to us by way of the stripes of Jesus. This is the TRUTH of the Word of God. We have authority over our bodies as Jesus did when He would command certain healings to take place in certain body parts or bodies as a whole. Therefore, even if we do not take great care of our bodies (though we need to), we can rely upon the health that has been given to us as a gift of grace to conquer any threat aimed at us.


All that our Immune System needs to remain strong & ready are important to consume every day - but each month we hi-light a different grouping of foods, vitamins & minerals, if only to give each system a massive boost that will actually last for quite some time on it's own; incorporating these into our daily/weekly consumption will ensure optimal body performance. Each month corresponds to the location of the positioning of each tribe around the sanctuary, as instructed by God, & wouldn't you know it, these align perfectly with the time of year that our bodies absolutely need that boost (not to mention our own cravings as the year progresses). We find the cleverness of God in these blueprints. 


FRUITS that are high in water content

Cherries (Acerola) - Apples - Avocados - Berries (All) - Cherimoya - Grapes - Grapefruit - Plums - Kiwi - Mango - Melons (All) 

VEGETABLES that are packed with nutrients, vitamins & minerals

Artichokes (Jerusalem) - Bamboo Shoots - Black Eyed Peas - Bok Choi - Cabbage - Chard - Chickpeas - Chili Peppers - Collard Greens - Okra -  Peppers (All) - Radish -Sweet Potatoes - Sprouts (All) - Squash (All) 

HERBS that can be added to many meals

Anise - Caraway - Chives - Dill - Lavender - Marjoram - Parsley - Peppers



Gradient Strip


As is with everything God is involved with, the gist is quite simple. God created a place for His people to meet with Him, worship Him, commune with Him and connect to Him. In the beginnings this place was limited and contained many rules and specifications in order for the presence of God to safely enter the building (so to speak); and then Jesus made it possible for us to become this very place. We are the new temple and sanctuary that replace the old one, the one where the Ark of the Covenant was housed and the Tribes of Israel camped around faithfully. Now, we have a unique connection to this original temple, wouldn't we be wise to find out just what that connection is?

1 Corinthians 6:19-20
"Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies."

For the purposes of this monthly at-a-glance, we explore the Tribes, the Body Systems & the Connections between the two.


God ordered each of the 12 sons of Jacob to surround the temple (sanctuary) and He placed each of them in a specific order beginning with Judah and moving clockwise. In the center of the sanctuary (temple) the Ark of the Covenant where the presence of God dwelled located in the holy of holies. Surrounding the sanctuary was Levi and his sons. The order in which the sons who would become the Tribes are essential to this teaching as this ordering corresponds to the ordering of our body systems.
When we map out the Tribes as they were positioned by God and we align them with their body system counterparts, what we find is a complete match to the functions, purposes, cares, weaknesses & strengths. This becomes our blueprint for taking care of our own personal temple and empowers us to understand how with God we are not only prepared for anything, but we are also encouraged in how we approach the basics like food, exercise and self care.
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