We offer virtual online courses for anyone who is interested, passionate about, willing to invest themselves into and/or has some free time every Tuesday & Thursday night (for the duration of the course) from approximately 7pm to 9pm.

Each course is directed by the Holy Spirit and is taught by our resident Instructor(s) Larry Matteson and/or El Osaseri.

Here are some FAQ's that may help:

1. No, we are not accredited and No, we do not have current plans to become accredited.

2. Yes, we do offer a certificate of completion at the end of each course completed. 

3. No, we do not charge a course fee. We have a mandate from God to help equip anyone/everyone to live as God directs.

4. Yes, we do conduct ALL of our current courses online via ZOOM (an app or website required to be used by all strudents).