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BLEAK (prophetic word)

When you're going through some hard times

that causes hot tears to stream down your CHEEK,

and the landscape all around you starts to look so dark and BLEAK,

don't let it get inside you lest it starts to make you FREAK;

set your eyes upon your Savior, the one whom you SEEK, who's mild & MEEK.

"It's your perspective that has to change," He says, "just a TWEEK;"

and in a moment like a lightning strike you'll have your first glimpse, just a PEEK.

There He is, the Healing, the Victory, the Answer so UNIQUE.

You thought that you had to do so much more to reach that PEAK

but alas, once again He's there to satisfy your thirst for Him,

and all you need, by His Holy Spirit fountain, river or CREEK.

So heads us, not looking back, down or all around,

but looking forward to a life changing encounter in this coming WEEK!

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