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LOCK (prophetic word)

What are you looking for and have you found it YET?

Is it mostly of you and not of Jesus, a safe BET?

Why do we look for the return on our heavenly investments

keeping score yearning for all we can GET,

when it's actually about the Father's investments of Jesus

and heaven above, so why FRET?

The distractions all around are meant to keep us busy scrambling to stay out of DEBT,

but Jesus wants us to keep trusting Him for all our needs to be surpassed & MET.

How that looks is like freedom and peace with generosity,

not in a panic, like a fish caught in a cruel NET.

So rest in Him and His finished work acting by faith like it is SO,

not shaken by the fallen world rocking to and FRO,

but completely stable and confident in His love you are SET.

Look at you now, handling the troubled waters just like a VET,

that knows you ain't tryin unless you're getting all WET!

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