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DO [prophetic word]

When you've got it in your hand to DO,

but you hesitate to calculate, missing the moment so TRUE.

You won't know how that miracle would have pulled you THROUGH,

in the right time and place good opportunities are FEW.

You can't go back and change the PAST,

try if you will, like jumping on a train moving too FAST.

The moment is lost and the die has been CAST.

But God opportunities are many, no two the SAME,

you best not quit under the weight of past SHAME;

of missing the last one, gotta stay in the GAME.

Seizing the moment out of the grip of BLAME,

because there's a miracle waiting on you to TAME.

Just got to get up and do like it's happened before, all GAIN,

but don't be dissuaded by the PAIN,

what you give up now will return many times over, it's not LAME.

When it comes to giving, some say it's what you CAN,

while others say it's up to MAN, but I the Lord say it's in your HAND;

to do what I've told you TO, so in your obedience the miracle comes to YOU.

It's very simple, not complicated at ALL,

everything man has gained after the FALL

has been because of his heeding my CALL.

Without missing a BEAT, moving his hands and FEET to do what he sees me dol

then there's a miracle COMPLETE.

Choice is yours to break AWAY from those who sit back and casually SAY,

miracles are not for us TODAY.

Truth is they happen more than anyone thinks they MAY,

so get up and put yourself out there, no DELAY.

If you don't need a MIRACLE you won't ever see such a SPECTACLE.

But if you do, go ahead and get out of that BOAT,

and find out for yourself who can and cannot FLOAT;

because if that's where I've told you to BE,

it's where we're gonna meet and you'll dance with ME.

We'll SEE.

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