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INVISIBLE (prophetic word)

Close your eyes for a minute and SEE,

all around you the spaces are filled with fallen spirits mixed with angels from ME.

What they are able to DO

and how they behave is up to YOU.

They are under a mandate to do evil if evil, or to do RIGHT if they are of the LIGHT.

Now, you are responsible for setting your own spiritual ATMOSPHERE,

with the types of beings and activities you allow to function THERE.

Either by your ignorance or purposed DESIGN,

you're sharing space with various spirits that are evil or KIND.

So what's it gonna TAKE to make you aware of the invasion by the SNAKE?

Or you can just remain oblivious making, over and over, the same MISTAKE.

As your Heavenly Father who see things from all angles, especially ABOVE,

how about listening to Me as I walk you through the spiritual jungle in light of my LOVE.

The serpent of old is still the same as BEFORE,

he isn't evolving or growing smarter and gaining MORE.

He is crafty. cunning and clever as an animal with instincts tends to BE,

but he's held by chains of darkness & limited, but effective in hunting & trapping with snares of lies, yet he'll never be FREE.

He depends on you not being enlightened, trained and PREPARED,

but he really isn't confident because he doesn't know what you know & he's SCARED.

You got to understand who you're dealing with HERE,

he has no strength of truth or righteousness to embolden him, so he's full of FEAR.

One last thing you must KNOW, he's already and eternally defeated as your FOE.

So don't waste any time trying to beat him DOWN,

because you're the only one there wearing the victors CROWN!

You can expect the great falling AWAY,

with the proliferation/escalation of demonic/satanic beings in this apocalyptic DAY.

No worries allowed, you HEAR?

Because my return is drawing NEAR.

I've promised my people who know my NAME,

that I'm going to 'keep' them safe in the midst of these tribulation days, just the SAME.

What I'm really looking at my RETURN,

is finding faith and love consuming your hearts that BURN.

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