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SITTING (prophetic word)

What are you doing when you're just sitting AROUND,

can you rest in My presence without losing any GROUND?

Everybody trying to reach you, but you don't want to be FOUND.

Where are you now in life in relation to ME,

are you ducking and diving and hoping I won't SEE?

It's like you're trying to hide out behind a door, but I've got your KEY.

Listen to your Father please, I haven't enslaved you to the PLOW,

forty acres later and you're really tired NOW.

Too much of your own strength is being SPENT,

let go and relax win My power; it won't cost you a CENT.

I've paid the price for your being, don't RESENT.

What about riding in high places with your LORD,

instead of drudging along in the low places in muddy swamps to FORD.

I have envisioned you by my SIDE, learning after Me how to RIDE;

together, experiencing the life in which I ABIDE, doing and saying

the same speak as your Father BONAFIDE.

Mount up with Me now and let's GO,

flying in the Spirit to places and peoples you don't yet KNOW;

all by the Name of Jesus in the Holy Spirit FLOW.

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