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TIMING (prophetic word)

You know that life is all about TIMING,

showing up at the right place in the right moment, everything RHYMING.

No one impatiently tapping their FOOT,

understanding that everything is in it's place staying PUT;

because of who is in CONTROL of every life and every SOUL,

as if life's on a special schedule, a Diving ROLL.

I, your God have an eternal PLAN, for all of existence, especially the movements of MAN.

It makes no sense that you don't consult ME,

because of all the grouping an searching you're doing to get FREE.

Trying to avoid the pit of always coming up short and LATE,

like a bad streak you just HATE, all because you weren't willing to WAIT.

On the other hand I've got a time and place full of purpose, according to heaven's DATE.

If you let me take the lead and you follow real CLOSE,

I will eradicate mistakes and for the lost opportunities, you'll get a double DOSE.

But if you insist on just going out AHEAD, trying to make something happen INSTEAD,

you might get going but it won't be RIGHT & people will end up under stress in a FIGHT.

Just think of it like THIS, I'm keeping it simple so you can't MISS.

If you are attempting to cross a busy STREET, get the timing right, so you won't get BEAT,

then proceed with confidence in Jesus your LORD,

who is leading through the traffic of life, by His two edged SWORD.

Please represent Me the way I Am, of a TRUTH,

right on time where your needs meet my supply, you'll have the PROOF.

Remember the next time I inspire you to give, it's no SHOW,

the answers are immediate, so you've gotta GO,

deliver what I called you to give from Me above to them BELOW,

that my benevolence they too will KNOW.

You see it's very easy to re-present Me as many often DO,

but it's even easier to overlook the little details and fail to come THROUGH,

the simple yet important things that people need from Me, by way of YOU.

If you are going to be someone upon whom I can DEPEND,

you've got to be ready to go when I SEND because timing is everything

here and now at the END.


Ecclesiastes 3:11 AMP

"He has made everything beautiful and appropriate in its time. He has also planted eternity [a sense of divine purpose] in the human heart. [A mysterious longing which nothing under the sun can satisfy except God] - yet man cannot find out [comprehend, grasp] what God has done [His overall plan] from the beginning to the end."

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