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NOW [prophetic word]

At the intersection of future and TODAY,

your life is laid out before you and begins to PLAY,

as you step out in faith and choose to follow my WAY.

Yet you cannot see where you're going, but you know you can't STAY,

gotta keep it moving on My time, no DELAY.

In the midst of temptations to go ASTRAY,

even if you're tired and been to SWAY.

There's no getting around it, it's the price you have to PAY,

but my Jesus won't forsake you, He's with you every stop you PRAY.

When you've listened to Him and OBEY,

you tend to think everything will change instantly and be OK.

What we need to do in the midst of this ARRAY,

is remember that He is with you, who turned water into that CHARDONNAY.

So lift up a cheer and shout out a YAY,

because you've figured it out,

your faith must be in a place of rest while you hang back and AWAY;

letting Me keep busy saving the DAY.

You better remember THIS,

to lift up gratitude while waiting to see if your request is hit or MISS.

Sometimes it feels and looks like a DUD,

but real faith worships Me even neck deep in MUD;

while seeing circumstances change because of my Sons BLOOD.

Isn't it amazing how much I LOVE,

for my people to have eyes only for Me like a turtle DOVE.

Who aren't distracted by lies down below,

but are set on their Father in the heavens ABOVE.

We fit this lifestyle like a GLOVE,

stepping into it gracefully without a SHOVE.

Living by faith and walking in love and the power THEREOF.

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