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FEAR (prophetic word)

Fear intends to PARALYZE, IMMOBILIZE & cover your EYES, no SURPRISE.

By faith My people will break the shackles & ARISE

to receive their God promised SUPPLIES,

all delays & momentary lack are nothing but LIES.

The truth cuts right through the distraction & waxes WISE.

The devil is empty handed while he CRIES, with nothing but a mouthful of FLIES.

Now, on the other hand I Am love, focused, strong & STABLE, based in truth not FABLE.

Everything I do for you is out of My willingness,

for I Am ABLE & the source of your power CABLE.

Fully committed, putting it all on the TABLE, leaving nothing under the Providers' LABEL.

I'm an unassuming hands on loving Father, not adorned in silk & SABLE.

Looking forward to My return on a white stallion straight out of heavens STABLE.

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