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FLY (prophetic word)

Day to night the time goes BYE,

you're looking to get off the ground and start to FLY,

but then you notice that you're being held back & start to CRY.

You watch others who look so care free as they soar through the SKY,

yet you wonder what's keeping you down & you begin to SIGH,

knowing that you belong in the heavens of your Father on HIGH.

Being frustrated because your expectations seem to DIE.

Momentarily you let the dream go and don't even want to TRY.

But way down deep inside your heart won't let it go and DENY,

because you know who are and are willing to fight for the right to apply,

going against the compromises, uncertainty & the LIE,

we just can't live like this, coming up short and setting for a TIE,

when we know how we are to be totally dependent and on Him to RELY!

Day to night how time seems to race BY,

but you can't let it go without owning your moment in fully SUPPLY.

So what are you doing there on the GROUND,

supernatural divine spirit beings are to ABOUND,

running to and fro above it all and not held DOWN.

No wonder you CRY when you settle for less than living HIGH,

you were born to contend for and achieve the FLY.

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