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HIGHER (prophetic word)

You were all born of your Father ABOVE,

not to be trampled down, but up lifted in LOVE.

What are you doing staying AWAY,

listening to other voices and going ASTRAY?

Come on home to heavenly Father's EMBRACE,

I look forward to our time face to FACE.

When you're surrounded by the corruption and the evil LIES,

keep your balance by setting your gaze upon my loving EYES.

The way the world is going with nothing but vexation and PAIN,

no worries, I AM with you making it work out for victory to GAIN.

Your enemy knows defeat, of this he is SURE,

but he's watching you closely to see if you know this

by the way you do (or don't) live SECURE.

You see, he has no dominion over you who are purchased by my BLOOD,

because he's staying out of my way, lest I hit him with with a FLOOD.

You are by design, made to take your position with me on HIGH

not all self exalted in superiority, but knowing the way up is down, in humility you FLY.

Your identity in all of these Present DAYS,

is the key to you living triumphant, walking out my WAYS.

My people have their wings ready made, with Me to SOAR,

higher and higher together, more and MORE.

From heaven's vantage point you can spiritually see it ALL,

predestined by the Father to step up to your CALL.

So now that you know a little of what I think about all of this, that is YOURS,

it makes no sense to sit back thinking that you don't measure up behind closed DOORS.

Only thing now left to DO,

is surrender to your inner self, which is the real YOU.

Get on up there HIGHER where you're supposed to BE,

showing the LIAR what he doesn't want to SEE;

because your'e ready to grasp it, you who were born FREE.

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