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IN-BETWEEN (prophetic word)

What do you do while your waiting IN-BETWEEN?

Do you keep busy or try not to think of how much you want my

promise to be SEEN?

What is the best way to pass the TIME,

while your betwixt the mundane and the SUBLIME?

Is there a formula that all the heroes of faith knew for SURE,

or is it different from person to person on the lookout for life's CURE?

Know this, that all of the logical categorizing & analyzing TOO,

serves no purpose for the likes of spirit filled YOU?

So how about you just fix your heart upon Jesus in the midst of the deep & DARK,

by holding your ground in leaving familiar behind & stepping straight into heavens ARK?

No better place for you to BE,

than right in the midst of Jesus, in the midst of the SEA.

Oh by the way, what do you think about bad things happening to good PEOPLE,

and good things happening to those who've never even seen a STEEPLE?

It's not about whether you've been good or BAD,

but about living in this fallen world with God almighty as your DAD.

You gotta get this one, way down deep INSIDE,

evil comes against everyone, but those who will overcome,

are they whom Jesus within, does RESIDE.

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