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IT'S TIME (prophetic word)

This post needs no reason or RHYME,

for this is the right place at the right TIME.

Can you see what I SEE?

The son, the son, returning to light up the sky, like He said it would BE.

His return is eminent, right after the falling AWAY.

Then the son of perdition will be exposed, before that fateful DAY.

The evil one's spirit is here right NOW,

so no turning back once your hand is on the PLOW.

So how shall we now live, knowing that the end is so NEAR?

Like every day is our last, listening very intently with ears to HEAR.

Even though the lies & deceit are obscuring the truth all AROUND,

the eyes of our hearts see right through it, releasing us to ABOUND.

This isn't the time to cave, or go fetal in FEAR,

rise up in faith, fully armed and crystal CLEAR.

It's the right time, the right place, you are the right people,

you're not late or BEHIND.

You were born for this, being full of spirit, declaring the words of truth,

the words of truth, so this will just REMIND.

Simply overcome the darkness and HATE,

releasing the power for this love before it's too LATE.

No more church socials with banana bread sales,

and taking up church offerings for the missionary MAN,

because we are all in this together, called gifted & anointed to make a STAND.

Reclaiming what God made and Jesus RESTORED,

crowning Him completely victorious as the one and only LORD.

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