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LOVE (prophetic word)

Why do you struggle to UNDERSTAND,

that love is embodied in my Son, the Son of MAN?

With all the songs that are written now and yet to BE,

mankind is haunted to define love like the vastness of the SEA.

There has never been a need to KNOW love more than today,

pouring out across many waters & lands torn by war, but now AGLOW under my SWAY?

There is something healing & peaceful about My powerful divine TRAIT,

that seeks to flow across the battlefields real & imagined,

dispelling & displacing the fear, pain, death & HATE.

There is nothing in all of creation more powerful & explosive

than your heavenly Father's LOVE,

with furious passion to rescue my children crashing through the chaos from ABOVE.

No love can even come close to COMPARE,

to the love of You, hero King, Jesus so FAIR.

The heart aches for affirmation whenever you are absent from His presence for LONG,

but when rejoined in mutual attention your heart will burst open with new SONG.

Now one last thing I need to SAY about our blossoming relationship, I'll put it this WAY;

I meant it when I said that you shall not live by bread ALONE,

but you must live by my voice & the light that is SHONE.

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