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LOVE'S FACE (prophetic word)

How do you visualize who I AM as you SEE?

Stern, stoic and intense is ME?

Or maybe I've got soft lines that silhouette my FACE,

or could it be my gentle eyes, resting in their PLACE?

How about when I'm angry with nostrils flaring WIDE,

causing all of creation to scurry off, trying to HIDE.

Now, when it comes to my Fatherhood vs. my Godhood can you TELL,

how much more in every situation, I enjoy just being Jehovah rather than EL.

Moses asked me to show him my Glory ONCE,

I replied, "I'll show you my goodness," but he just stood there like a DUNCE.

He didn't understand that this is who I AM, the Goodness or the very BEST,

greatest of all creation who makes man BLESSED,

whereby you can enter my REST.

I AM at this moment the centerpiece of everything that exists that you possibly NEED,

and in giving Myself as your total supply is the best way you are FREED.

So when Jesus came, saying look into my face and see the Father looking back at YOU.

All you need to know is that's the same way for my family TOO.

When people behold your visage it's the Father they see, my CHILD,

with fire in your eyes and my live in your heart so WILD.

Especially when you've taken on the characteristics of your Father's LOVE,

with strength of spirit from ABOVE.

So let me SEE myself in you, please go ahead and DO what've made you to DO.

There I AM, right there in full VIEW.

Carry on, because this world is very sick with SIN

and needs to be loved unconditionally for their value is hidden WITHIN.

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