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MULTI-DEMENSIONAL (prophetic word)

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

When I set everything up circular to SUSTAIN,

it was perfectly balanced without a STRAIN,

but the centripetal force was violated by the evil BANE;

a rebellious outcast from heaven's DOMAIN

causing much wreckage, human suffering and PAIN.

Ever since this trespass sin began to REIGN,

but a plan to restore was immediately set in motion to REGAIN.

What the first Adam lost, the last Adam made His CLAIM.

By death it would give Him access to him who had the power THEREOF,

to redeem and restore man - resurrected by LOVE.

The overall picture of your victory over evil by My Son

who is the Way to the Life through TRUTH, the path to dominion

and Deity within by PROOF.

Don't take any credit for this by your works to be BEST,

you'll fail miserably and won't even finish the TEST.

Put your trust in the works of my SON,

simply get out of His way and stay in your lane, your race to RUN.

I've brought you full circle, back to where it all has BEGUN.

I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the END;

if I start it, I'll surely finish it because my integrity, I will DEFEND.

So you see, I made you and all creation in perpetual rhythm and FLOW,

moving in the patterns of eternal life that you've stated to KNOW.

You are made and RESTORED, according to My image and likeness,

to transcend both time and space as your Savior LORD.

Realize that there is no limit to bog you DOWN,

for you shall simply imitate Me, reigning between multi dimensions,

wearing glory's CROWN.

You'll say what I SAY and do as I DO,

following my lead each DAY as I talk you THROUGH,

from the midst of the circle where I dwell with YOU.

Start where you are at to get where you want to BE,

setting your 'mind of Christ' on how you are different than the rest;

because I made you FREE.

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Feb 26

The wording can be alternated to rap. (^^♪👍✨

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