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OUT THE WAY (prophetic word)

When you turn your life over to Jesus all the WAY,

what that entails is, in your rightful place you must STAY.

If it's something that you can do then OK,

but if it's miracle territory, then that is God's PLAY.

Whenever you find that it's too much for YOU,

then be smart enough to give it over to the Lord to DO.

In all of this, you need the master KEY,

which is none of you, but all of ME.

Watch out for your flesh wanting the divine to meet your TIME,

while I Am the One who holds the entire universe in rhythm & RHYME.

Don't you think that it would be BEST

since you don't understand all the factors, so just REST.

When you get back to where you were BEFORE,

what you don't realizer is that you're different now, so much MORE.

Why would you want to back your LIFE,

when you have given it to Me like a covenant WIFE?

If I Am to take you as SUCH,

would it be asking too MUCH to just let me come through in the CLUTCH?

I haven't ever failed anyone, especially the love of my HEART,

so isn't it worth the risk to put all of your trust in Me from the START?

Now we KNOW that the only one who is taking a risk is not you down BELOW,

but that would be Me on HIGH, who's willing to lay my life out for your love & DIE.

So there is no limit to my miraculous supernatural WAYS,

what I can, I will do, by living from the inside out the rest of your DAYS.

So this I SAYS, please just stay out the WAYS.

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