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SEE WHAT I SEE (prophetic word)

The end is NEAR and the "time of trouble" is almost HERE.

What people dread and FEAR is happening while many just gawk and LEER.

What are we supposed to DO when it gets too close to YOU?

We who follow Jesus, are to be at REST,

so He can be seen in the midst of us at His BEST.

You know that the enemy is hard at WORK,

trying to distract through, lies, deception and symptoms with a smirk,

knowing that his time is up if we don't let him LURK

in the shadows and shady areas of life like a JERK.

He's ramping up the evil like never before, but we've got the GRACE,

which gives the defeated foe no SPACE,

along with the Name of Jesus and word of His POWER

laying him out with a beatdown this very HOUR.

Resist him and he'll run off terrified in PAIN,

while he's being crushed swiftly beneath our feet, given no DOMAIN.

Now don't be tricked and fooled by his many DISGUISES

as he hides behind flesh and blood, as one of his DEVICES.

I want you to be fully AWARE that I am with you and I'll always be THERE.

Hold your head up high and be confident in ME,

and you'll always win the day, that's what I SEE.

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