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SHEPHERD (prophetic word)

I am the Lord your Shepherd and you shall not WANT,

in the midst of famine when the doubts begin to TAUNT.

Keep your heart set upon me when the circumstances start to DAUNT,

and you'll see my abundance gush out like a FOUNT!

When it looks bleak like scorched earth all AROUND,

no worries because you're being lead to where my sustenance does ABOUND.

I am taking you to the still, tranquil waters to rest your SOUL,

and as you drink-in the reflection of you and I as one, you're made WHOLE.

Look, I'm teaching you to walk out your righteousness just like ME,

so that when you're around others, it's my image and honor they SEE.

Now if you've noticed that the scenery has changed from light to DARK,

and we are going through the valley of the "shadow of death" so STARK.

Don't be afraid, because we are in this TOGETHER,

co-crucified we already died, and are now made alive with authority FOREVER.

So much so, that whenever the enemy is anywhere to be FOUND,

I the Lord, will anoint you to celebrate his defeat at the table of a feast,

crushing him DOWN to the GROUND.

When all of this is said and DONE man times over a life span of FUN,

of walking, skipping and jumping, with our Shepherd into eternity

and learning to fly as we RUN.

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