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THE GRID (prophetic word)

Mankind has become dependent upon this nebulous system called the GRID.

What if something happens to it, and shuts (IT) down like a LID?

Causing a lot of confusion and back & forth with people saying look at what God DID!

Like in the good old days of the tower of babble,

the languages were scrambled and the people ran and HID.

What are we going to do, all of the sudden when things that we could count upon

are no longer working, because everything hit the SKID?

Are we going to let it steal from us and take away our connections above

and His every child and KID.

Or are we going to punch through this barrier, blasting the obstructor in the MID?

Have you noticed that the world around us has lost it's moral authority,

and the truth, it has gotten RID.

Now we have to take a look at these questions personally, honestly,

then truthfully surrender to JESUS, fully representing His BID!

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