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THE NAME (prophetic word)

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

What's in a Name, you SAY,

That makes it so important that even outlaws & demons OBEY?

Could it be because it unlocks powers not of this REALM,

Or that it summons the high heavens, inviting God to take the HELM?

For instance, the Name of Jesus is above every NAME,

When called upon He answers with the power of His presence, leaving nothing the SAME

Evil spirits, including satan and all of his CREW,

Are made to bow down in obedience before YOU.

How did you and all the Jesus followers get this kind of RESPECT,

That in the world of the Spirit, the devil is held in CHECK?

So when you step out into this fallen world with purpose to ENFORCE,

You can stop the works of darkness from running its COURSE.

Jesus' Name was so loaded with the presence of GOD,

His disciples said, the demons are subject to us in Your Name like a lightning ROD.

When Jesus came back a conquerer after He was DEAD,

All power and authority had been given unto Him & to any in His STEAD.

In the Name of Jesus all heaven stands at attention when they HEAR,

And all hell trembles in the torment of FEAR.

There is nothing neutral about the Name Jesus that brings all to their KNEES,

Crushing His enemies at the same time, the captives He FREES.

Jesus was greatly exalted when He came back from the GRAVE,

And was highly decorated and given a special Name even beyond the BRAVE.

There is no other Name given under heaven whereby man must be SAVED,

When a man surrenders his life unto Jesus he is no longer sins' DEPRAVED.

The only thing that can trip up a follower and bring him DOWN,

Is if they are ignorant about their position and their CROWN.

So my people rise up, set the rule and REIGN,

In the midst of the wreckage you shall stop all the PAIN.

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