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THE SEASON (prophetic word)

Why are people living in REBELLION during these present evil DAYS?

Could it be the season of rebellion, witchery

and the making of our own stubborn WAYS.

Seems to be prevalent & relevant, like a drunkard

who can't keep his balance when he walks; he SWAYS.

Many are oblivious, and the undiscerning make easy PREYS,

yes there are evil predators on the hunt everywhere, so why the big AMAZE?

We've got to be ready to represent JESUS in the midst of all this CRAZE!

Out on the horizon if you look intently through the HAZE,

you can see the form of JESUS, water walking in our midst,

leading by His Spirit through the MAZE.

There are still some moves to be made and some people to be put in place,

all according to the Father's plans and PLAYS.

This is the season for His return, so stay awake and look for His soon approaching BLAZE.

Let's keep our hopes up, our faith and one with all we've got,

for this isn't the time to just fall into a MALAISE!

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