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TIS THE SEASON (prophetic word)

What do you do at night when you're laying down on your comfy BED?

Do you see visions of reindeer dancing & elves carrying bags

of sugar cookies in your HEAD?

Or is it a rerun of what happened at work, school or at the STORE?

That keeps circling around inside your thoughts more and MORE?

All the while the stress takes longer & longer to subside in the midst of your CORE.

You got to get ready for all the family that will be coming together for Christmas DAY.

You can expect there will be plenty of presents, great food, fellowship,

game playing, catching up coming your WAY.

Oh and don't forget religion and politics to DEBATE,

that will raise the blood pressure and might get close to HATE.

Maybe send a memo to remind the family to keep the peace in the spirit of the SEASON,

will be strong enough to curb the buildl up of angst,

from the world class pressure hitting everyone without REASON.

You are coming into troubled waters like the world has never before SEEN.

Gotta be looking behind the curtain at the source of all the troubles so MEAN,

staying spiritually sharp keeping yourselves KEEN.

Knowing that this is that, which the Father spoke of as the beginning of the END,

that the God of heaven is at the brink of releasing Jesus,

just as it was written, He would SEND.

What are you going to do with the time that you have LEFT?

Will you stop to help your neighbor who's life has collapsed,

and is buried under the weight of that HEFT?

Do you know that it will only take a moment to change a single LIFE?

Just follow your heart and use your words like a two edged KNIFE.

Cutting through all the entanglement of fear, anger, disappointments,

pain and DEFEAT, that binds them to the lies

that keeps urging them to give up...RETREAT.

Only say what the Father has to SAY, that will lit up, encourage,

inspire, rescue, and propel them to hold up their heads & lean into a new DAY.

Tis the season to be JOLLY, in your proclamation of freedom & deliverance

from the power of the enemies lies and FOLLY.

You will shine just as bright as the stars project their LIGHT,

when you surrender to Jesus who enlists us to announce to all,

He is victorious, having won the FIGHT.

He loves us like no one before, rescuing us and making all things RIGHT.

Now in this final act, He is transforming us out of the midst of despair,

joining us miraculously in mid FLIGHT.

After going through all this struggle, being kept through tribulation TOO,

in the midst of it, He will return in majesty to receive me and YOU.

Revelation 3:10 (CEB)

"Because you kept my command to endure, I WILL KEEP YOU SAFE THROUGH THE TIME OF TESTING that is about to come over the whole world, to test those who live on earth."

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