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WAIT (prophetic word)

The WEIGHT of WAIT at times can be very GREAT,

heavy on the heart and against the soul it will GRATE.

From the minute we say "amen" by faith, to the prayer thereof,

the anticipation is out the GATE, on a dead run and the countdown clock has begun,

which we HATE, because it seems to mock us as it makes us think

we are stood up on a blind DATE.

With all of these variables, and the sound of tick too too,

impatience starts to take the throne doing what it like to do, screaming it's too LATE!

You better scramble to make something work, but if not you got to SKATE,

all the while you thought Jesus was gonna show up

presenting all His promises on a silver PLATE.

It's as if we feel entitled to all He won by battle, thinking that He gives it to us by FATE.

But no, the spirit who leads us where we need to be,

in rhythm with Him before we take the BAIT to do something in our own strength

settling for something second RATE!

But no, we decide to tough it out all the way to hear those wonderful words,

"well done good and faithful" MATE!

The best is worth waiting for, that's why we DEDICATE,

because He's our good and faithful provider, the one whose always on time


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