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WHAT? (prophetic word)

What are you looking FOR? Believing FOR? Standing FOR?

Is it this or that, or perhaps a surprise behind door number FOUR?

Isn't it supposed to be way MORE?

Maybe we've been wrong, going after stuff like a WHORE?

What if what we need is waiting for us to CONCEDE,

that we are on the wrong track, going the wrong directional the wrong SPEED.

How about we consider that it may be about a person, not a reward for a good DEED.

If we were to take that approach, our hearts desire would be FREED.

Once we come to that conclusion our souls, upon HIS love, would FEED.

No longer would life be futile and full of GREED.

What if we had full access to this beautiful person, with nothing to IMPEED?

What would we do differently that we may SUCCEED?

What would it be like if He actually wooed us with His love and charm & took the LEAD?

What would happen if we decided that this is so essential,

without Him our hearts would BLEED.

What would we do to assure that our love for each other would grow,

and flourish like a wild WEED?



What is it about Jesus, holding health in His right hand and wealth in His left?

Aha! He is what we're looking for INDEED!

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