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WHY? (prophetic word)

Why do we care what others SAY,

when we have God's perspective every DAY?

Why do we hold back when we have it in our heart to DO,

all we need is the right situation to step up and be the real YOU.

Why are we measuring our heart out a little at a TIME,

knowing that going for it is the only way your life will have reason or RHYME?

Why are the people all around us in DESPAIR,

while we walk among them with the peace of God and no CARE?

Why don't we see more supernatural proof of life and POWER,

while we are here for the world's darkest HOUR?

Maybe we are too distracted, timid or SHY

to notice the hurting, broken human wreckage waiting to DIE.

Why don't we make a shift in focus to look for our assignments each DAY,

because we know they're numbered and should be used for miracles along the WAY!

Why don't we take just a moment to listen to what the spirit has to SAY,

because this stuff is getting serious, no more time to just PLAY.

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